Wyandottes originate from the United States and no one really knows which breeds were used to create the Wyandotte breed. They were first reported in the 1860s with the silver laced variant being the first variety. 

They are large chickens with a rounded appearance, broad bodies and are full feathered. The hens have a deep breast and backside which shows that they are good layers. Wyandottes are docile birds with generally good dispositions. The hens lay well, make good mothers and their chicks tend to be strong and are quick growers.

The Wyandotte has yellow legs, a round, short head, rose comb, bright red ear lobes and reddish bay eyes and are a good dual purpose breed. The APA recognizes 9 Varieties  Silver Laced, Golden Laced, White, Black, Buff, Partridge, Silver Pencilled Columbian and Blue.

This makes for an attractive barn yard which appeals to  both fanciers and farmers. 

Though we have bred several different varieties, we started with Golden Laced and now it is the only variety that we are concentrating our efforts on.